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Pawan Kalyan Used to Call Me Subbamma: Renu Desai


Powerstar Pawan Kalyan and Renu Desai got separated long back. However, Renu Desai doesn’t stop talking and remembering good old times when they were happy together. On the eve of her birthday, she gave an exclusive interview and posted it on her Youtube channel. Remembering her past, Renu said, “We were happy together. Lot of people say that we had differences regarding financial issues and that was the reason for our split, but it isn’t. I’m happy with my kids now.

Aadhya complains to her father if she doesn’t get what she wants. But, Pawan always take my side and convince our kids. Initially, Pawan used to call me Subbamma. I was 19 then, young and didn’t knew much about outside world. Many people said that I should go back to Pawan Kalyan. But how can I disturb his privacy when he is already married.“ Talking about her future plans, Renu said, “To me, its one life and one love. I don’t want to get married again.

When two people get married, many rituals will be performed and the priests say that they will be together forever, then how can a court decide that they should separate? So, are the rituals not powerful? I can’t stop loving the person who is filled in my life. I have faced many problems in my life. Now, i’m completely focused on raising my kids and my career as a filmmaker. I don’t understand what mistake I have done. I just don’t have any answers. Pawan is in touch with his kids and as parents, we don’t have any problems.

Our’s was not a fighting kind of divorce. Everything seems to be a problem for the people these days. I wanted my son Akhira to act in my own film and I don’t have any problem as a mother. I don’t understand why some people are so judgemental and as they abused me calling an opportunist. Anyways, I have gone through a lot of things so far and i’m least bothered about others”.

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